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Welcome to HeroBlend #59! This week, Eric and Adrienne have a big surprise in store for you, plus we'll be discussing the fallout from X-Men: Dark Phoenix bombing and what could be next for the franchise! First, though, we'll be serving up the best in superhero news for you, and we'll start off with those disappointing (but not totally unexpected) Dark Phoenix box office receipts. Then, we'll get into a cool update for the Black Adam movie, John Cena's response to the rumor that he'll be in The Suicide Squad, James Wan's thoughts on the Swamp Thing cancellation, the Loki Disney+ show and a lot more!

Next, we'll be getting into what went wrong with Dark Phoenix and what the poor results could mean for the X-Men franchise now that it's in the hands of the MCU. To start, Eric will talk about how the new movie has completely changed his idea of how the mutants can be brought into Marvel films, then we'll discuss a host of hot topics, including New Mutants (still a movie, apparently), the X-characters we need to come back and the ones we don't want to see again (at least for a while), when is a good time too see mutants in the MCU and tons more!

Now, sit back and relax, folks, because this is one chat you're not going to want to miss. Ready to dive in? Great! Listen for yourself above!

0:17 - Special Surprise

10:04 - Twitter Question

12:28 - News

41:18 - X-Men: Dark Phoenix Fallout / Future of the Franchise

Now, get in on the superhero-filled fun and have a listen to the HeroBlend Podcast #59! And, be sure to subscribe to the HeroBlend Podcast on iTunes, right here, follow us on Twitter @HeroBlend and follow our hosts @eeisenberg and @HeyAJ74.

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