James Wan Reacts To Swamp Thing Cancellation With A Request For Fans

After one quick and unexpected cancellation, Swamp Thing has become one of the hottest television stories of the summer. As fans and curious onlookers await more details on the show's fate and what went down, executive producer and famed director James Wan has weighed in on the drama. Wan took to social media with a request for anyone who will listen.

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James Wan is reaching out to fans and anyone interested in the rave reviews of Swamp Thing, and asking that they watch Episode 2 and the rest of the season as a service to the cast and crew of the DC Universe series. He also made it clear he's not sure the circumstances behind why the series was cancelled, and added he's having trouble understanding the decision himself.

Now, typically when the people who run a show ask people to watch the show after cancellation, there's usually a motive. In a lot of cases, producers may be attempting to shop the show elsewhere, and want to use positive fan and critic reactions or followings to convince another network or streaming service to pick it up for another season. Is that why James Wan is trying to drum up support here?

If that's the case, he didn't say anything to hint that was the case. It might be because that's not really his decision to make, what with Swamp Thing being a DC and Warner Bros property. With that said, James Wan does a lot of business with Warner Bros. between The Conjuring and Aquaman, so perhaps the two parties can eventually come to terms in finding a new home for the superhero series.

There's been rumors Swamp Thing could find a new home at HBO, whose parent company is WarnerMedia. Sadly, James Wan didn't speak of these rumors on his Instagram, nor how the move wouldn't only save Swamp Thing but also help HBO procure another quality series following Game of Thrones ending. Again, Wan didn't even hint that Swamp Thing could come back for another season, so maybe the one thing he does know is that it's done for sure.

As the world waits to see if Swamp Thing will find another home or season before the end of its 10 episode run, some in the industry are wondering if the cancellation isn't tied to more than just money troubles. Sure, Swamp Thing looked to be an expensive series, but with WarnerMedia planning for a big streaming service, and DC Universe being "re-evaluated" after the AT&T merger went official, it's possible Swamp Thing was dropped for more reasons than we're aware.

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Those looking to honor James Wan's request can catch new episodes of Swamp Thing on DC Universe on Fridays. For the latest news in television and movies, be sure to stick with CinemaBlend.

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