Wendy Director Benh Zeitlin Talks Adapting The Peter Pan Mythos And More

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Following his Oscar nominated debut, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Benh Zeitlin has spent the last 8 years crafting Wendy, a very original adaptation of the Peter Pan story we all know and love. He stopped by the podcast to talk about working with young, non-professional actors, building his Neverland in the real world as opposed to a set, why they shifted the story's focus from Peter Pan to Wendy and so much more.

Also in this week's show, the guys finally get to discuss the reveal of Robert Pattinson's Batsuit. We touch on where we think the tone of Matt Reeves' new Batman is headed, and the rad idea that his suit's Bat symbol could be made from the proverbial gun that killed his parents.

Unfortunately, both Kevin and Sean lost the friendly Oscars wager, granting Jake the power to force them to watch any movie he desired. So this week, they return with painful stories of sitting through the infamous Human Centipede III: Final Sequence. Don't worry, we don't get nearly as graphic as the film, and you can laugh along with Jake throughout.

The major release hitting theaters this weekend isThe Call of the Wild starring Harrison Ford. Jake and Kevin were both able to see the film, and interview Indiana Jones himself. Be sure to stick around for Jake's amazing story about asking him a "fan question" from one Mark Hamill. It is pure gold.

And finally, it wouldn't be an episode of ReelBlend without an awesome BlendGame. We were challenged to chose our favorite movie taglines of all time, and many of you lovely folks played along online using #TaglineBlend. You can play along next week using #Underrated80sBlend, when we'll debate our favorite movies from the 1980s that we think don't get enough appreciation.

3:51 - Weekly Poll: Which is Harrison Ford's best role?

12:01 - Benh Zeitlin Interview

41:30 - Robert Pattinson Batsuit Reveal Reactions

49:20 - Human Centipede 3...reactions

1:00:00 - This Week In Movies

1:00:45 - Call of the Wild Review & Interviewing Harrison Ford

1:26:50 - #TaglineBlend

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