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Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne are officially husband and wife. The Canadians walked down the aisle in a small ceremony in Cannes, France this weekend, and while details of the joyous event haven’t screeched out of either crooner’s mouth yet, all signs indicate it was probably a crazy and colorful affair.

At least those are the adjectives Lavigne used to describe the wedding during a conversation with E! News, and since she looked like this when she first skyrocketed to fame, there’s no reason any of us should doubt she steered away from a stuffy, formal and traditional ceremony…

Kroeger proposed to Lavigne back in August of last year, and after the Internet’s collective shock wore off, some pretty crazy stories started emerging. She vowed to buy multiple wedding dresses, chop them up and sew them back together in some kind of bizarre Frankenstein gown concoction. He allegedly bought her a $350,000 engagement ring, and she allegedly talked to his parents for the first time on a speaker phone after she’d already said yes to the marriage proposal.

Given the incredibly short time they dated prior to the engagement (about six months) and all of the above stories, there are some out there who think this marriage doesn’t exactly scream long-term possibilities. There are some who think Lavigne may simply be setting herself up for a second divorce and Kroeger may be setting himself up for a first divorce. Because of hectic schedules and more emotional personality types, it’s difficult for many musicians to sustain marriages, even when they go in under the best of circumstances; so, two people going at it a bit impulsively does seem like a possible recipe for failure.

On the other hand, however, Lavigne and Kroeger are in a unique position to understand the wants and needs of the other. They’re both old enough to understand what they’re getting into (he’s 38 and she’s 28), and from an outside perspective, it really seems like these two are deeply and truly in love with each other. Maybe they really can make it work over the long haul. They’re both Canadian. They’ve both sold millions of records, and they both know what it’s like to simultaneous boast incredible popularity and be on the receiving end of public backlash.

I want to think these two will make it over the long haul, but I’m not sure. What do you think? Will Chad and Avril’s marriage last? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Will These Two Last?

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