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Congratulations to Scarlett Johansson and fiance Romaine Dauriac, the couple are expecting their first child. For the betterment of mankind, Scarlett is passing her genes along to the next generation. This is the first child for the stunning 29-year-old Johansson, who has indicated that she’s in no hurry to hear wedding bells with her French-journalist main squeeze. She was previously married to Ryan Reynolds, that relationship ended in 2011. We’re excited for the Her star, but what does this mean for her role as an Avenger in Age of Ultron?

According to TMZ, Johansson is currently around 5 months pregnant, which means her ability to perform physical stunts is becoming an issue. Also, that belly will likely be noticeable in Black Widow’s leather ensemble. E! Online has only just broke the news, but you’d have to believe Avengers director/writer Joss Whedon has had the lowdown long before the public. Pregnant ladies have been worked around in various ways throughout entertainment.

Sometimes an actress’ pregnancy is worked into the plot, as is common on TV shows where you’ll notice the dramatic progression over the course of a season. Strategically placed props have also been used to cover up a pregnancy, or gorging on hot dogs. According to E! this is how they'll handle Scarlett's involvement in The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron: "They're going to fast-track her scenes."

Even if if they don't get everything shot in time, with modern filmmaking techniques Scarlett’s pregnancy hopefully won't present more than a minor hiccup to production. Ideally, the star would be able to do her main acting in closer shots, and for the long shots a body double could be utilized. Or digital wizardry can be done. There’s no reason to assume that Black Widow is going to either be removed from the story or downgraded to a mere sideline commentary character.

I’d be interested to see if Joss doesn’t work some kind of powerful female subplot into Age of Ultron to reflect that while she’s pregnant, Scarlett is a still a kickass strong and beautiful woman. No matter what we’d like to once again offer our congratulations to the couple on the news of their child. The important thing to remember is that Scarlett’s bestowing upon the world her greatest gift: more of herself.

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