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Apparently Milo Ventimiglia Fell Into A Pool At A Golden Globes Party

Jack in This is Us

The Golden Globes were this past Sunday night, and it looks like one for the record books. The ceremony was one of the most political in its history, with male and female attendees wearing all black to send the message that sexual assault and harassment in the workplace is unacceptable. And while the speeches and dress code were inherently serious, the Golden Globes are typically just a big party. Stars of both TV and film assemble and drink their faces off, and there's usually one or two embarrassing moments that makes national news. And for This is Us star Milo Ventimiglia, this came in the form of falling into a pool at the after party.

Milo Ventimiglia's aquatic tumble first made waves via social media. One TV critic who was at the Golden Globes after party caught the moment itself, although he wasn't able to snap a photo or video of the Gilmore Girls alum accidentally getting in the pool. Instead, he posted the after effects via his Twitter. Check it out.

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It looks like Milo Ventimiglia made a pretty excusable mistake, especially after a drink or two was consumed. The after party for the Golden Globes was apparently set over a pool, which was covered for the occasion. Just a few feet of pool were left exposed, which is apparently how Ventimiglia managed to fall in. He was likely just walking backwards or didn't realize the stage would cut off, and therefore dove in with his black tuxedo.

Milo Ventimiglia actually ended up confirming the incident himself, via his personal Instagram. Following the Golden Globes (and his swim in the pool), Ventimiglia did an Instagram live video with his 856K followers. It's here where, after congratulating his co-star Sterling K. Brown on winning Best Actor In A TV Series, he briefly mentioned falling into the pool at the after party. He said, (via EW):

I'm back home, I'm studying for tomorrow. And yes, I fell in the pool.

One thing you can say about Jack Pearson: he's honest. While some actors may have pretended that they didn't publicly embarrassed themselves in a room full of their peers, Milo Ventimiglia got in front of the story (kind of). He admitted that he did indeed fall into the pool, and then returned home to study lines for This is Us Season 2.

What's perhaps the most puzzling about this story is hot Milo Ventimiglia managed to fit into the small opening of said pool. The former Heroes actor has become an absolute behemoth in the past few years, and is always looking extremely swoll during This is Us. So the idea that he somehow fit his body into the small opening of the pool makes it doubly hilarious. What are the odds?

You can catch Milo Ventimiglia in new episodes of This is Us Tuesdays on NBC. Or at your local swimming pool.

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