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The guest list for the Royal Wedding keeps growing. With the nuptials between Prince Harry and Megan Markle set to commence on May 19th, the exclusive invites are expected to head into mailboxes shortly. While not anyone and everyone will be invited, the guest list looks as if it isn't excluding a few of Harry's former lovers. Indeed, according to recent reports, two of Harry's high profile exes are expected to be cordially invited to the proceedings.

As reported by The Daily Mail yesterday, both Chelsy Davis and Cressida Bonas will reportedly be sent invites to the forthcoming Royal Wedding. Davis held an on-and-off relationship with Prince Harry for upwards of seven years, while Bonas coupled with Harry for two years until 2014. Things must be pretty cool between the previous flings if they will be making the cut -- though one could argue they are merely going to be there for appearance sake. But let's not be cynical here. Plus, according to an unknown-but-supposedly-close source, Prince Harry is apparently on good terms with the exes, and has apparently "stayed good friends" with both of the ladies in question.

It's worth noting, though, that not everyone will get an invite. For instance, one of Meghan Markle's most noteworthy exes will reportedly not be attending the event. That would be Trevor Engelson, Markle's ex-husband, an American film producer who was married to the upcoming princess between 2011 and 2013. It would seem that a reason why Engelson is not expected to come could be due to his involvement with a controversial upcoming, untitled new show about an American divorcee who marries into the royal family, which was announced back in November. Gee, where did the inspiration come for that? Suffice to say, the royal family isn't taking too kindly to the former husband trying to profit off their expense, though Chelsy and Cressida haven't found any ways to profit (or try to profit) off their relationships with royalty. Also, Engelson is the producer behind Remember Me, so I'd say not all his ideas are the brightest ones.

Prince Harry proposed to Suits actress Meghan Markle at the end of November, and they had a cute story about it and everything. The Royal Wedding date was announced shortly thereafter, and Meghan and Prince Harry are both very busy getting prepared for everything, including self-defense courses (!) for Markle. Needless to say, it's a bustling time for the royal family. And we'll be certain to keep you posted on all the special details for the royal day. Even if you're not getting invited to the ceremony (and we're mostly talking to Trevor Engelson here...), don't fret! After all, there's a good chance you can watch it from the live broadcast in the comfort of our home. Imagine. You wouldn't have to wear a fancy outfit or anything! It might honestly be even more ideal. But, of course, it's probably just a teeny little bit more exciting if you got an actual invite to the lavish ceremony. Just being honest here.

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