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How The Suits Cast Congratulated Meghan Markle And Prince Harry

Before she became the Duchess of Sussex this weekend, Meghan Markle was perhaps best known as Rachel Zane on USA's long-running legal drama Suits (unless, of course, you were an avid eagle-eyed fan of Deal or No Deal). As she's one of the lead characters on the hit show, Markle's absence will assuredly be felt by viewers whenever Season 8 arrives, and her Suits co-starts wanted to offer their former cast mate a loving salute. On social media, fellow series regulars congratulated Markle, wishing her many, many happy years inside the royal family, as she embarks on the next journey of her life. First, you can check out Gabriel Macht's kind words to Markle below.

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Maybe it's just me, but there's something kinda mournful about this Instagram picture. It kinda looks poetic, but in a funeral sorta way, even though it's taken outside a wedding. Perhaps the death of Meghan Markle's time on Suits, and the beginning of her life inside the royal wedding, are both meant to be reflected in this picture? Or, perhaps, maybe I'm just reading into it too much? It's probably the latter. It's usually the latter.

Here are Sarah Grafferty's thoughts on Meghan Markle entering the royal family this past weekend.

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Again, is anyone else getting a funeral vibe from these pictures? C'mon, guys. Nobody died! All kidding aside, these messages of love are clearly sweet and very touching, as the cast of Suits process the fact that a former part of their work family is now part of the British monarchy. That must feel really, really weird. Right? It's not every day that one's friend and co-worker is welcomed into the royal family.

Later in the weekend, Sarah Grafferty offered some more thoughts about Meghan Markle's trip down the aisle, and she provided an absolutely stunning photo to boot.

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How strange and interesting it must have been for the cast, crew, and fans of Suits to watch Meghan Markle walk down the aisle at Windsor Castle this past weekend. Regardless, everyone involved in the show is taking it in good stride, and we wish Meghan Markle and Prince Harry many blessings for their gorgeous ceremony this past Saturday. Of course, we have quite a bit of coverage from the Royal Wedding, from the fashion to the controversies.

Meanwhile, Suits was renewed for an eighth season earlier this year, even though not everyone is coming back -- obviously. Katherine Heigl is joining this year's cast, however, and Meghan Markle's Rachel Zane, along with Patrick J. Adams's Mike Ross, got a proper send-off during season 7's finale.

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