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Beyonce Knowles Jay-Z Grammys 2014

Beyonce and Jay-Z haven't always weathered decent weather in their highly publicized marriage, but the world-famous musicians remain committed to making it work -- despite their very public drama. In 2014, they went on tour together with On the Run. Since then, however, Beyonce released her acclaimed visual album Lemonade, and it was quickly made evident that troubled brewed between them. Now Jay-Z and Bey are back together again, and starting their sequel tour. They made their first stop in Cardiff, Wales, last night, where the couple started their international music-making with a bang. Jay and Bey not only provided an array of killer spectacles and tunes, but they kept it real too, providing a nice glimpse into their family life, and even renewing their vows in the middle of their mega concert experience.

Jay-Z and Beyonce started the concert by descending down a glass elevator, which was seemingly a nod to the Met Gala fight between Jay-Z and Solange Knowles in 2014 (note: this is not the first time Beyonce and Jay-Z have recreated this infamous elevator incident). As Vulture reported, the much-anticipated concert also provided fans with what appeared to be a new glimpse of Rumi and Sir, the couple's 11-month-old twins. But the babies shown in the pictures were apparently not their own children, according to Buzzfeed.

The concert also included some exclusive footage of Beyonce and Jay-Z in Jamaica, which was reported about earlier this year. While speculation led curious fans to believe the music couple was secretly filming another visual album, perhaps even a sequel-of-sorts to Lemonade. But it was quickly made apparent that this footage was being used as video interludes between songs. Some of it featured Jay-Z and Beyonce running towards each other in the desert. Other footage included the whole family enjoying their time together. The biggest include, however, found Jay-Z and Beyonce renewing their vows in front of their three children, which also includes 6-year-old Blue Ivy. The vows were renewed for their tenth wedding anniversary. The event was private and public, all at once.

In addition to their home videos and proclamations of love, Jay-Z also included a not-so-subtle diss at Kanye West, his former collaborator. During one performance, Jay-Z was seen performing one song on a floating stage -- something Kanye West prides himself in saying he invented. While Jay-Z didn't say anything critical of Kanye West during the concert, nor did he comment on his criticized comments. But he still suggested the feud between them is still burning hot, and it's not cooling down anytime soon.

Beyonce and Jay-Z ended the first stop in On the Run II tour by getting real with the audience. They recycled their "This Is Real Life" mantra from the first On the Run tour, which was blasted onto the screen at the end of the concert. Evidently, Jay-Z and Beyonce are going to be going strong for many years to come.