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Stan Lee Captain America: Civil War

Stan Lee's ongoing string of troubles continue this week. Keya Morgan, the business manager who has represented the comic book legend throughout all his affairs in recent years, was recently arrested on suspicion of filing a false police report. The reported arrest took place on Monday. The exact details of the arrest are not yet known at this time, although fans who have kept with Stan Lee's recent and perpetual woes might have a couple guesses as to why the business manager found himself cuffed and taken by the police earlier this week. Here's what we know about Lee's situation.

While it's not yet clear why Keya Morgan was charged with suspicion of filing a false police report, The Hollywood Reporter indicated it might have to do with Stan Lee's reported confrontation with an armed gunman earlier this month. They claimed the Marvel figurehead was confronted by two men in his house and held at gunpoint, demanding for money.

The reported incident follows a series of misfortune which has plagued Stan Lee. He was also robbed of $1.4 million earlier this year, which followed another incident in January when a person forged checks from Lee's bank account to receive $850,000 to buy a condo. It also follows another incident where Stan Lee lost $300,000 at the end of 2017. If that weren't enough, there were also reportedly people trying to steal Stan Lee's blood and sell it in Las Vegas. The 95-year-old was also battling a nasty case of pneumonia in the spring. Additionally, Stan Lee lost his wife of nearly 70 years, Joan Lee, in 2017. She was 93.

Keya Morgan was one of the subjects in a widely-published piece from THR which claimed Stan Lee was the victim of elder abuse. Morgan was reported to be one of the people closest to the Marvel creator who were trying to take control of Stan Lee's life for potentially their own financial benefit. Jerry Olivarez, Max Anderson and Stan Lee's daughter J.C. were also listed as potential subjects.

Shortly after the piece was published, however, Stan Lee denied the claims of elder abuse. In a video released online (and reportedly filmed by Keya Morgan), Stan Lee stood up for Morgan and those accused of misconduct in the viral article, and Stan Lee claimed that he was going to sue the "ass off" of anyone who published and reported on what he deemed-to-be "slander." Lee called the content "the most hateful, harmful material" and he said it was "totally incorrect." He also believed it was "so unrealistic and unbelievable" that he "doesn't know what to say." We'll keep you posted on this story.