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Lindsay Lohan Lohan Beach Club

The feud between Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan is still going strong, at least according to Hilton. In the midst of Lohan gearing up to make her own reality TV show for MTV, which is tentatively titled Lohan Beach Club, Hilton has made it clear that she is not planning to watch the newly announced series. Evidently, if you mess with Hilton's family, you are going to feel her wrath for a long time. And Paris isn't looking to make any new friends. Here's what the media personality said when jokingly asked if she would be one of the viewers catching up with Lindsay Lohan's brand new lifestyle.

If somebody messes with my family I don't forgive.

Paris Hilton said it loud and clear, ladies and gentlemen. She's not looking to get reacquainted with Lindsay Lohan anytime soon, either in person or on the small screen. When she was asked by TMZ about the show at the airport alongside her fiancee Chris Zylka, she heiress and TV personality wasn't shy to say that she has better uses of her time. The Simple Life star considers herself to be the reality TV "OG," thanks to her fame in the genre in the mid-'00s, and Hilton believes Lindsay Lohan is now stepping into her territory. It's safe to say she's not happy right now. And if Lohan was hoping Paris Hilton would make amends anytime soon, that's still not happening. She's evidently someone who holds on to a grudge, and still has a firm lock on this particular one.

It's not completely clear what is causing Paris Hilton to labor these resentful feelings, but there's reason to believe Hilton is referring to an incident that occurred in 2013 when Lindsay Lohan reportedly masterminded an attack on Barron Hilton, the reality TV star's brother. She isn't letting that go.

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Nevertheless, Lindsay Lohan claims she's a new person now. Beyond the occasional odd attempt to run for President here and there, Lohan is now living a quieter, less media-frenzy filled life in the Middle East. She owns businesses in Athens and Mykonos now, and she was recently adding one to Dubai as well. Now that Lindsay Lohan is firmly in her 30s, she's not looking to return to the scandals of her 20s, despite what a new reality TV show with MTV might suggest. Lohan is reportedly now living clean and sober these days, and her new destination hotspot reality TV series will reflect that.

Paris Hilton is currently in the midst of settling down herself. As mentioned earlier, the media superstar is planning on getting married soon, and it'll be interesting to see what the married life brings for The Simple Life personality. She was also recently the victim of a hacker scandal that found nude photos and a whole lot of cash stolen from her possession. That hacker is expected to serve a long prison sentence. We'll continue to keep you posted on the latest developments with both Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton at CinemaBlend, even if these two aren't looking to let the feud die down.