Yes, George W. Bush Sometimes Photobombs Wedding Photos

George W. Bush is best known as the 43rd President of the United States. However, the politician-turned-artist is known for something else these days: photobombing. At least, that's the case recently when it came to a new wedding photo. The former U.S. Commander in Chief was recently seen popping his head in comedic fashion during a photo opportunity with his twin daughters. Check out the photobombing moment with W. himself below.

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The photobombing moment came courtesy of Instagram, specifically Jenna Bush Hager, one of George W. Bush's daughters. The moment was meant to celebrate the love between the twins, particularly as Barbara Bush entered marriage during a private ceremony a little over a week ago. While the hug photo is a cute snapshot, it was given an extra kick of humor thanks to George W. Bush's inclusion, as he works to make himself seen.

Suffice to say, George W. Bush was seen. Whether it was his intention or not, he ultimately took the spotlight away from his daughters -- if briefly. But they don't seem to be upset about their father butting his head into the frame. If anything, the former first daughters also appreciate the humor of the situation, which is likely one of several reasons why they posted the image on the social media site. It's always good to have a good sense of humor, after all. Thankfully, that cheeky sense of self found in the former United States president seems to have been instilled in his daughters as well.

While photobombing is a common occurrence, particularly these days, it's rare to see such skillful and funny moment from a former high ranking U.S. political figure. It's not as if we're seeing many photobombings from George H.W. Bush, the 43rd President's father. Or even current president Donald Trump. Nevertheless, George W. Bush isn't afraid to let his guard down a little bit and enjoy a silly photo with his adult daughters.

Meanwhile, beyond his photobombing activities, George W. Bush was recently in the headlines for another small act: giving Michelle Obama a cough drop during John McCain's funeral service. It was an unsuspecting moment that quickly went viral, although Obama believes it's not without meaning. As the former First Lady explained during a recent talk show appearance, it wasn't meant to be a sweeping gesture, by any stretch of the imagination, but it proved to be a bipartisan moment between candidates of two separate political parties that Obama believes showed a nice "level of decency."

Meanwhile, audiences will next catch George W. Bush in Sam Rockwell's portrayal in Vice, the new awards favorite dramedy from writer/director Adam McKay (Anchorman 1 & 2, The Big Short) when the movie enters theaters on Christmas Day.

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