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Ariana Grande "God Is a Woman" Music Video

It has unquestionably been a difficult year for Ariana Grande. Not only has the pop musician dealt with the ongoing public turmoil that has arisen with her well-publicized fractured engagement from Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson, but she has also been struggling with the shocking death of her ex-boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller. When it comes to remembering Mac Miller, the "thank u, next" singer-songwriter recently posted a tribute to her former boyfriend, but it wasn't long after the remembrance was posted online that it was quickly taken down, for reasons that are not currently known.

On Sunday night, as it was reported by TMZ, Ariana Grande went onto social media and posted a snapshot of what appears to be Mac Miller's hands (the prominent tattoos and gold-and-silver rings appear to be the giveaways), playing a tune on the piano or perhaps a keyboard. But just as quickly as the photo was posted, seemingly as a tribute to the late musician, it was instantly taken down. There are no clear reasons as to why Grande deleted it.

Obviously, Ariana Grande is still trying to process and cope with the loss of such a significant person in her life. It will likely take months and years before she can accept such a devastating loss. It's clear that while they were no longer a romantic item when he passed away in the late days of summer, Grande still held Mac Miller close to her heart. The popular musician included a respectful mention to the fellow music superstar in her smash hit break-up anthem, "thank u, next," which is almost impossible not to hear on the radio these days. It's clear she still needs more time to heal.

As for the deleted post, we can only speculate. In the past, Ariana Grande has posted and then deleted personal and/or sensitive topics, either from regret or just from wanting to share a quick thought or moment and then move on.

Ariana Grande has been dealing with a difficult situation with Pete Davidson, since he has been more open about his struggles with mental health, and he also made a cryptic post which had many people worrying about his state of mind. He is reportedly doing better now, but the pop musician got some flack online from Pete for her posts connected to Kanye West and mental health.

It seems like no matter what she posts, someone will find fault. So maybe she wanted to avoid fanning the drama flames any further. Then again, she's also joked about the extreme reaction fans have when she deletes anything.

There will be absolutely no shortage of updates from Ariana Grande in the new year, and one should obviously expect more from her -- directly or otherwise. Her very public profile continues to rise with each new single that hits the airwaves. But until then, fans of the pop musician will hope that 2019 treats Grande better than 2018 did overall.