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Rumors Are Swirling About Lady Gaga And Jeremy Renner

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It's only March, and Lady Gaga is already at the center of another steamy celebrity romance rumor. When her intimate and passionate rendition of "Shallow" at the Oscars made people wonder if she was hooking up with her co-star/director Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga was quick to shut down those headlines. The musician recently ended her engagement, and she also claimed that any supposed romance between her and Cooper was simply acting. But now, the actress/musician is once again facing relationship speculation. This time, it's centered around another actor altogether: Jeremy Renner. Here's the lowdown on what we know about this gossip.

As it was reported by Us Weekly, Lady Gaga has reportedly been spending a good chunk of time with Jeremy Renner since her split from her fiancé, Christian Carino. While they haven't been seen doing anything romantic at this point, Renner and Gaga have been by each other's side these past few weeks, and there is an insider close to the potentially soon-to-be couple who believes it might only be a matter of time before the singer and actor become an item. Even though the unnamed insider doesn't "believe" their friendship can be considered romantic at this point in time.

In addition to Jeremy Renner and Lady Gaga being chummy with each other, the musician is also spending time with Renner's daughter, Ava, who is six years old. Therefore, it's not merely that they are catching up and shooting the breeze together. They seem pretty comfortable and open, based on these reports, and while it might just be a friendship between two famous people, there are some folks close to Renner and Gaga's circles who believe the clock is ticking before they decide to make their relationship officially (or unofficially) romantic

One simply can't say if anything between Jeremy Renner and Lady Gaga actually going to happen just yet. But there are definitely people who are watching with interest to see if it does, it seems, and there will certainly be reports if their relationship becomes official. For now, however, all we have is rumors, speculation and hearsay. And unless anything is confirmed, that's all it will be at this time.

Of course, Lady Gaga is no stranger to rumors made about her personal and professional life. In fact, it was only a couple weeks earlier when Gaga was the subject of pregnancy rumors, which the celebrity shut down on Twitter in clever fashion. Rather than just tell the world that she wasn't actually having a baby, she wanted to let her fans and followers know that she was pregnant ... with her newest studio album, that is, which is expected to arrive on the shelves at some point later this year.

You can expect updates on all that and more at CinemaBlend.

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