Cardi B Sues Vloggers For Defamation

Cardi B - "No Limit" Music Video

Look out, vloggers. Cardi B is looking to take a few of you to court for defamation. The famous musician is peeved about two vloggers who were producing reports saying that the musical artist was on drugs while she was pregnant with her daughter, Kulture. Cardi believes the video-makers have "spread lies" and that they are attempting to "tarnish her name." And she's not taking it lightly, it's safe to say. It's unclear how much Cardi B hopes to receive in damages, but it's clear that the "Money" rapper is looking for a big bundle of cash from this upcoming court visit.

Here's what we know about this criminal proceeding. As it was reported by E! News, Cardi B is hitting a pair of vloggers, Latasha Kebe and Starmarie Ebony Jones, with major lawsuits about their controversial comments. Cardi claims they've made "defamatory statements" about the popular New York artist regarding her pregnancy, reporting harmful drug use during that time.

Those are certainly not comments one can make lightly on the world wide web, and it is apparent that Cardi B wants to teach these vloggers what happens when you spread bad press about her character. While Cardi B did not speak out about this issue prior, the popular musician released a long post on Instagram (which has since been deleted), where she called out the vloggers for their accusatory remarks.

I didn't really wanted to entertain this but ya know me and gossipinthecity never got along for years, and we always go back and forth, but what wrong is wrong and I'm glad she put me up on this. This person I'm suing is trying to tarnish my name and spread lies in other people blogs like gossipinthecity. spread all types of disgusting rumors about me and it has gotten worst [sic] ... Stop trying to involve people in your disgusting goal on trying to dirty my name everything you accused me of doing and having will be proven with documents and test in court. By the way my father drives me and I NEVER NEVER had a assistant.

With that deleted post, Card B wasn't afraid to let her frustrations be voiced. Although it's unclear if that will hurt her case, since one typically doesn't want to speak out publicly about these legal matters. That might be the reason why the post was deleted, though obviously it was saved and then reposted elsewhere.

According to the legal documents obtained by E! News, Latasha Kebe has put out "at least 23 videos" about Cardi B in the last 14 months, and it's clear that Cardi B isn't happy about the free press. One of the videos she posted claimed that she was using drugs while she was pregnant, therefore potentially causing intellectual disabilities to the young child. Cardi B believes these comments are bold-faced lies, and she doesn't appreciate what she considers to be slander made against her character. Meanwhile, the rapper is going after Starmarie Ebony Jones for claiming that the Grammy-winning musician has herpes. Cardi B definitely doesn't like that.

These are not the only comments these vloggers made that were considered defamatory against Cardi B, but it is apparent that she has a lot of problems with these video makers. Now, Cardi B wants to get the court involved to dispense what she hopes will be justice. Will that happen? Does she have a proper case? We will have to keep you posted on the details at a later date right here at CinemaBlend.

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