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Nicolas Cage - Mandy

Sometimes, love can be everlasting. And sometimes, love can be fleeting. In the movies, Nicolas Cage has typically found himself at the center of a sweeping cinematic romance or two. Whether it's Moonstruck, The Family Man, Valley Girl, Raising Arizona, City of Angels, It Could Happen To You, Wild At Heart, Captain Corelli's Mandolin or, perhaps more tragically, Leaving Las Vegas or last year's excellent Mandy, to only name a few titles in his expansive resume. Cage has often been seen the bleeding heart romantic type. He has also portrayed the sad-eyed loner who learns how to let love into his heart, or the artistic soul who finds the fire under his wings.

In real life, however, Nic Cage's romantic adventures don't always have such happy endings. Case-in-point: as it was just revealed, it was only four days after Cage married Erika Koike that the wedded couple filed for annulment.

According to court records obtained by Entertainment Weekly, Nicolas Cage submitted an application for annulment on Wednesday, which is only four days after he requested a marriage certificate on Saturday. The couple had a "whirlwind marriage" in Las Vegas (though aren't they all?), and they received said marriage certificate the same day it was requested. But a quick marriage resulted in an even speedier fallout; Cage felt it wasn't merely worthy of a divorce, but an annulment.

An annulment, for those who don't know, means that the parties involved believe their marriage is invalid since, in their view, it was almost as if it didn't even take place. That's pretty harsh, but it sounds like things between the newlyweds (or not-so-newlyweds) were not very pretty. In the movies, when the couple says "I do," they live the rest of their lives in happy embrace. At least, one would presume (and romantic viewers would hope). But romance isn't that simple in real life, and there are times when marriages aren't meant to last. Not even a month, let alone a week.

Not much was known about Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike's relationship. The actor and the make-up artist kept their romance away from the public's gaze, though they were spotted vacationing together in Puerto Rico in April 2018. That suggests the relationship lasted roughly a year, if not longer, though it's not known for certain how long Cage and Koike were dating. The wedding bells didn't ring in happiness for the couple. It was a weekend wedding, but it only took them four days before they decided they couldn't spend another week with each other — let alone the rest of their lives together — and they decided to call it quits early into their marriage.

Sometimes, lovers aren't meant to be together. And Nicolas Cage knows that from experience. He was previously married three times. His first marriage was with Patricia Arquette, and they were hitched from 1995 to 2001. Shortly thereafter, Nic Cage got married to Lisa Marie Presley in August 2002. But they called it quits in November of that year, and then finalized their divorce in 2004. The third time wasn't the charm either. He was married to Alice Kim in 2004, and it proved to be Cage's longest marriage. But it dissolved in 2016 after 12 years of marriage.

Additionally, Erika Koike was married before she briefly tied the knot to Nic Cage. Sometimes, lovers are together forever. Other times, they're only married four days.

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