Dina Lohan Opens Up About Break-Up With Online Boyfriend

Dina Lohan - Celebrity Big Brother

As you may or may not remember, Dina Lohan has found herself in a precarious dating position. These past few years, Lohan has been in a committed five-year relationship with a man she has never met face-to-face. They never even FaceTime'd, in fact. Lohan disclosed her perplexing romance on Celebrity Big Brother, and the other cast members of the reality television show were not shy to tell the mother of Lindsay Lohan that she was being catfished. Big time. All the signs pointed to trouble. But at the time, Dina Lohan didn't want to hear the noise.

Dina Lohan believed in the sanctity of their relationship. Or, at least, she wanted to believe in the sanctity of their relationship, even if it wasn't necessarily intimate. By any stretch of the imagination. But now, it is reported that the multi-year romance between Dina Lohan and her mystery man has come to a close. Here's how Dina Lohan recently explained the end of her long-term, long distance "relationship":

It's always sad when a friendship is over but people have always run to the media about me and my family— I thought he was different until I had my suspicions, which he just proved to be justified.

E! News got the exclusive on the relationship unbinding. It should be noted that the man-in-question was named Jesse Nadler, and while they never officially met, they are officially calling it quits on their romance. In a statement, Dina Lohan talked about the unraveling of her relationship, claiming that she, too, had her own suspicions about the relationship before it wrapped up.

This statement is quite the departure from what Dina Lohan said on Celebrity Big Brother. On the CBS reality television program, the manager claimed she was thinking about marrying her mystery man. Even though they never met, she felt deeply in-touch with him and connected with him. By suggesting that he wasn't the man she thought he was, it appears that trust has been broken. What happened between them is ultimately private. For now, it seems the bond wasn't quite as tight as the celebrity mother hoped. And while they never actually met physically, they have still gone their separate ways.

For some folks, this break-up might seem overdue. It seemed very fishy, to say the least, to people who heard about Dina Lohan's relationship via television, and the constant reasons for why the man who was (sort-of) in Dina's life was refusing to meet her was ultimately raising more than a few red flags. Nevertheless, what's done is done. Their relationship is no more, according to Dina Lohan. And it puts to a close a very strange series of events for the celebrity mom and her mysterious man.

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