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More often than not, the Oscars fly by without any major security issues, but that doesn’t mean the Academy doesn’t spend a ton of money and allocate plenty of time to worst case scenarios. In fact, the powers that be are apparently putting extra emphasis on keeping everyone safe this year.

According to TMZ, private firm Security Industry Specialists has been hired to oversee the event, and its employees have been working closely with the Los Angeles Police Department. The recent mass shootings and the Christopher Dorner manhunt have put people on edge, and as such, the precautions have been heightened. Security personnel have reportedly been presented with a packet filled with pictures and information on known celebrity stalkers. Those working at the door will memorize the contents, and if anyone involved is spotted, they’ll be able to handle the situation immediately before it progresses into a larger issue.

Spending extra money on causes like safety that won’t necessarily yield tangible results is usually a tough pill to swallow for organizations. It’s nice to know the Academy is going the extra mile with security. More than likely, it won’t matter, but even if it doesn’t, here’s to hoping it makes everyone feel just a little bit more comfortable.

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