Anderson Cooper Only Washes His Jeans Four Times A Year

Anderson Cooper is not good with the laundry. Luckily, he doesn’t have a Cristina Yang sort of problem, with piles of clothes littered across the floor. The talk show host admitted on Thursday that he only washes his jeans about four times a year. I wonder if anyone in the past has told him that’s not a pleasant fact to share with people.

If you’re wondering who managed to pull out Cooper’s dirty little secret, it was none other than What Not To Wear’s Stacy London, who popped into the Anderson Live studio to talk fashion and her own badly-styled years. The two traded awkward pictures, after which Cooper admitted his “TV clothes” are not the clothes he prefers, instead choosing to pretty much wear the same pair of pants and hoodie whenever he’s off camera. He never really even washes the jeans, but he says that’s what he was told to do.

“You know they have those jeans you don’t have to wash now, or so they say. No, no it’s true…I went to the store APC which has really nice stuff, great stuff. And you buy these things and the person said to me, 'Don't wash them for a long time.' They mean like six months, so…I think."

Pretty much everyone adamantly disagreed with the host, including London, who tried to school him on how to safely wash his pants and maintain the pants’ integrity. I’d say his dignity was more vulnerable in that moment, but Cooper didn’t really seem to mind. Seriously, I think the worst problem may not be those unwashed jeans, but that grody hoodie.

Photo credit: @Anderson Live

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