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Anna Faris is the proud mother of a baby with a completely normal name. The starlet gave birth on Saturday to she and Chris Pratt’s first child, and the couple, who have long been considered oddly normal for Hollywood, proved their reputation by officially christening the little guy Jack.

Details are still very fuzzy on the condition of mother and child, but apparently, little Jack wound up coming a wee bit early. According to People, the newborn is going to spend some time in the NICU to develop a little further. With any luck, all will go smoothly and he’ll get to go home with his parents in a breeze.

Studies indicate between ten and fifteen percent of all newborns are now admitted to the NICU. The majority of hospitals always try to take the cautious road; so, the vast majority of children that are delivered far earlier than expected wind up in the NICU.

Still, Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to both Faris and Pratt in this difficult time of need. They surely didn’t expect this when she first got pregnant, but parenthood, if nothing else, is about rolling with the punches and being there for your child as best as you can.

Here’s to hoping Jack’s mood is consistently brightened by jokes because Lord knows his parents are good at making people laugh.

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