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Those attending the Snoop Lion 420 Festival in the Hollywood Hills today got way more cops and way less Snoop Lion than expected. The shindig officially started around 11 at a large mansion and was supposed to include all day tributes to weed. Unfortunately, thanks to a serious lack of foresight, 911 was quickly berated with calls and the event was given the big ugly axe.

According to TMZ, the sheer number of attendees at Snoop Lion 420 Festival caused massive parking problems in the Hollywood Hills. When police arrived, they quickly discovered no one had bothered procuring a permit; so, the event was shut down just as the title guest was arriving.

By all accounts, Snoop was very chill about the entire thing, which tends to be his MO whenever he has dealings with law enforcement. Given the date will change in a matter of hours, it seems unlikely the Snoop Lion 420 Festival will be made up, but something tells me everyone who planned on attending the event and those who attended it briefly still found a way to celebrate marijuana at some point today.

If nothing else, this story should serve as a good reminder to stoners the world over that if you’re planning to congregate in extremely large numbers, play it safe and acquire the necessary paperwork. It’s a small fee and a brief hassle for peace of mind.

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