Awesome Science Video Explains Evolution On Earth Using 24-Hour Timeline

YouTube might be most famous for videos of cats acting silly and dudes getting hit in the nuts, but the website also hosts a slew of informative, simple and extremely interesting scientific videos. The latest entry into that canon was made by ASAP Science, and it tells the story of evolution on Earth using a twenty-four hour timeline as the basic framework to outline how quickly certain developments progressed.

The clip does a wonderful job of hammering home what a total blip on the radar humans are within the larger history, and more importantly, it explains evolution in a way that’s simple and easy to follow. Take a look at the clever animated greatness below…

The footage is constructed and animated in such a way that it would appeal to a child; yet, it never talks down to viewers, making it just as enjoyable for an adult to sit through. That’s the mark of a good, all ages video, and it’s particularly impressive in this case given all the complexities and multi-syllabic terms science is laden with.

My only real problem with this video is I wish it was longer. There needs to be a director’s cut that hurdles forward for like twenty minutes and includes all the information deemed too nerdy for the larger public to accept. I would watch that immediately, and something tells me a lot of other people would too.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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