Betty Ford Clinic Reportedly Looking At Lindsay Lohan's ADHD Medication

In the past week, Lindsay Lohan has taken several steps forward with her big rehab plan. She hired on her old attorney, Shawn Holley, and finally found a locked down rehab facility in California that would take her in and allow her to smoke cigarettes. Now, in another win, Lohan will be allowed to take Adderall while she spends time in rehab.

Late last month, the well-known actress and trainwreck was sentenced in court to a lengthy 90-day stint in rehab. A couple of weeks later, she still hadn’t begun her rehab stint, holding out and refusing to go until an agreement could be made where Lohan would be allowed to take Adderall while in rehab. This may seem like a bizarre request, but the starlet actually has a legitimate prescription for the drug, having been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder at some point or another. Eventually, the starlet made it into rehab with the Adderall plan intact.

I’m neither for nor against Lohan being able to have a prescription drug in rehab that a doctor okayed for her to take. I am more annoyed by the fact that Lohan has been squandering the chances and opportunities rehab has given her (when jail time has been on the table, too) with petty requests such as those listed in this article. According to TMZ, the Betty Ford Clinic where the actress is staying actually has plans to look into Lohan's Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in order to determine whether or not the diagnosis is legit. If they find her mental state to be contrary to the diagnosis, they plan to take the drug away. I’m guessing, if that happens, it may be Shawn Holley to the rescue, once more.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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