Regardless of how many employees retail stores call in to work on Black Friday, there are never enough available hands. The crowds are simply too overwhelming, and the lack of man power typically manifests in the form of long lines and confused customers unable to get their questions answered. That’s why working on Black Friday is usually a requirement for every new hire. More employees is always better after Thanksgiving, at least when those employees have actually been hired by the store.

Popular YouTubers Prank vs Prank decided to exploit the chaos earlier this weekend by dressing as Target employees and trolling customers with truly dreadful advice. They taped the interactions, and they’re some combination of funny and utterly bizarre. Check out a highlight video below…

My only problem with this clip is that there’s no way to tell how long it took the manager to realize there were fake employees in his store giving people horrible advice about Kindles. Was it twenty minutes or was it two hours? I like Target. I’d like to think management would be on top of its game and weed out these clowns quickly, but with all the chaos of Black Friday, you never know.

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