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Bret Michaels Settles With CBS Over Falling Set Fiasco

Back in 2009, Bret Michaels suffered a serious head injury during a performance at the Tony Awards. He was playing “Nothin’ But A Good Time” alongside his Rock Of Ages co-stars when the set piece for the next act literally landed on top of him. The incident was ugly and scary at the time, but it took on much greater retrospective meaning when the singer suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage a year later. Thankfully, the Poison frontman recovered, but questionings lingered about what role the accident played, especially after Michaels was informed head trauma is a major cause of subarachnoid hemorrhages.

A lawsuit against the Tony Awards and CBS was eventually filed, arguing the musician should have been told to be aware of the giant descending set piece or at least been given blocking instructions. Over the past few months, both parties have publicly squabbled a bit, but according to The Wrap, the legal saga is finally over. The two sides have agreed to a confidential settlement and look forward to putting the matter to rest.

I’m not sure if Bret Michaels is ready to have a laugh about what happened yet, but since he’s okay and he’s gotten money out of it, I think it’s probably fine for the rest of us to have a chortle. Here’s a look at the incident below…

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