Britney Spears Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed By Former Bodyguard

Britney Spears ended a legal battle with a bodyguard earlier this week by opening her checkbook. Her former employee filed a lawsuit against the pop star almost two years ago claiming the working conditions on her watch were a complete disaster. The plaintiff, Fernando Flores, was supposedly subjected to routine sexual harassment and displays of dangerous and awful parenting. If all went as planned, he would have walked away from the legal squabbling with a big check, but unfortunately for him, it doesn’t seem to have worked out that way.

According to TMZ, the bodyguard may have gotten paid, but it was a measly figure that wasn’t even enough to cover his attorney’s fees. So, obviously, his litigators either agreed to take less or Flores figured he’d wind up losing even more if the matter kept pressing forward.

Most of Flores’ allegations were sexual in nature. His lawsuit claimed Britney flashed her vagina at him by intentionally dropping a lighter and bending over to pick it up. She also supposedly called him into her room while she was naked to demand minor favors and engaged in sexual acts while in the same hotel suite as him and her children. More troubling, the former employee also accused Spears of feeding her children crab meat when she knew they were allergic and hitting them with belts.

Based on how little was paid out and how long this case went on, Spears’ settlement likely shouldn’t be taken as any kind of admission. It’s understandable she would want to get this matter over with, whether there’s any merit to it or not. You can decide for yourself whether there is.

Mack Rawden
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