Controversy might typically be good for business, but all indications following the Drake/ Chris Brown brawl are the exact opposite. Numerous associates have reportedly told both parties that a quick make-up would be in the best monetary interests of all involved, but now, there’s at least one interesting offer for the men to pad their wallets while carrying forward their grudge.

According to E! Online, the Celebrity Boxing Federation has offered the musicians a ten million dollar purse if they agree to take their disagreement into the ring. The winner would grab nine million, the loser one million and assumedly, fans would flock to order the event on pay-per-view. Unfortunately, given the reputation-related problems that would come with getting pummeled, I can’t imagine either man would be willing to risk the fight, and early indications from Brown’s camp are in line with that.

A rep for the musician has already called the entire proposed event a “tacky PR campaign”, and there reportedly haven’t been any negotiations concerning location, purse or willingness to perform. Taken together, it sounds like a giant “no” from Brown’s side, and if Drake is asked about it, I’m sure his people will say the same thing. Most of us might box for a guaranteed million dollars, but that’s not exactly life-changing money for anyone involved here.

We’ll let you know if either changes his mind.

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