I can’t imagine police field a ton of domestic violence calls that involving twenty-six-year-old women and their mothers, but the Lohan women have always done things their own way. Last night, Dina and Lindsay hit up the Electric Room in New York City for a few hours of fun. They reportedly left together around 4 AM in a limousine and began arguing over where to be dropped off at. Lindsay supposedly wanted her hotel downtown and Dina wanted her home in Long Island.

According to TMZ, the limo eventually made its way to Long Island, and by the time it arrived, Lindsay and Dina were not pleased with each other. A violent confrontation reportedly ensued upon exiting the car, breaking Lindsay’s bracelet and causing a cut to her leg. At some point later, the police were called, and they descended on the scene to interview all involved.

A domestic incident report was officially put on record, but beyond that, it doesn’t seem like anything else is going to happen. Neither woman seems to have sustained major injuries, and in the sober light of day, it’s hard to imagine either would want to file a lawsuit. So, more than likely, it’ll all be chalked up to a series of foolish decisions, starting with clubbing on a Tuesday night when Dina still has an underage child in the house.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available. Until then, try to get along with your mothers.

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