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Upon Marvel’s announcement of an “All-New” and “All-Different” universe in the works, some interesting snippets about what this change could entail have come to surface. And one comes in the form of a big, bouldering Benjamin J. Grimm, who may be heading to a whole other galaxy. In a recent photo released by Marvel, The Thing is sporting quite the outfit, and it looks like it’s of the same team as everyone’s favorite rambunctious rodent, Rocket Raccoon. Take a look:

This fall, fans will be introduced to an entire new Marvel Universe, with “bold new landscapes” and characters both “familiar and brand-new”. It’s been termed as a complete “game changer” with the opportunity for fans to comfortably pick-up reading comic books, or continue into something new. With the release, a whole slew of new characters will be introduced, but it also looks like some unexpected team-ups will be made.

Both Rocket and The Thing have that similar rough-around-the edges demeanor to them. And as this new universe suggests, after Marvel’s Secret Wars, a new landscape will be introduced to these characters, and it looks like that new landscape includes a different universe for Benjamin J. Grimm. But, this isn’t the first time The Thing has come to the Guardians of the Galaxy’s aid. When the Guardians of the Galaxy first appeared in Marvel Comics back in 1969’s Marvel Super-Heroes #18, a few major heroes came to their aid in a war against the alien Badoon. Among those heroes was The Thing.

But another, more modern connecting factor between the two universes is Ronan the Accuser. In the comics, Ronan first appears in Fantastic Four #65 when he is sent to Earth to investigate Fantastic Four’s defeat of the robotic Sentry-459. He is a major villain in the Fantastic Four universe and continues to cause problems for the team as different storylines progress. But, in the cinematic universe, Ronan the Accuser was introduced in the Guardians of the Galaxy film. Still depicted with similar characteristics as his comic book character, Ronan is set as the villain a different team than he was in the comics. And if Marvel looks to create new connections, here’s a prime opportunity to connect Fantastic Four with the Guardians.

We’ll have to wait and see if any other of the Fantastic Four members show up aside the Guardians of the Galaxy. But if there’s one thing connecting the two, it will most likely be their mutual hatred of the crazy Kree-fanatic.

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