A day after emergency responders removed a suspicious package from CBS Studios in Hollywood, details about the anonymous mailer’s demands are coming out. Apparently, the mystery man is no fan of Bristol Palin and wants Sarah’s daughter to be removed from the show immediately.

If that sounds familiar, it’s probably because the exact same thing has happened to people on Dancing With The Stars twice before. Back in 2010, poor Bristol was sent a different menacing package, and last year, another contestant received the same rough treatment. It’s bizarre that such a family friendly show attracts such polarizing responses, but for all we know, it could be the same dude who mailed the three different packages.

According to TMZ, officers were already on the scene doing training exercises on the lot when the call came in. The piece of mail reportedly contained white powder along with a note implying bad things will happen if Bristol remains on the show. The substance was quickly determined to be harmless, but it’s currently getting a full laboratory inspection.

An investigation has been launched to try and determine who mailed the threat. Unfortunately, unless there are fingerprints, it’ll take quite awhile before anyone is caught. Love her mom’s politics or hate them, Bristol doesn’t deserve to be threatened. Pop Blend wishes her all the health and safety in the world moving forward.

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