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Daft Punk Releasing Get Lucky Single Just After Midnight Tonight

The bad news concerning Daft Punk’s newest musical endeavor is that the band’s new album won’t drop until May 21. The good news is that the Daft Punk guys seem to understand their fans’ pain at having to wait for new electronic bliss. Tonight, just after midnight ET, Daft Punk will drop a brand new single from Random Access Memories called “Get Lucky.”

I can’t promise the single will knock your socks off. I can, however, promise that Pharrell has been involved with Random Access Memories and will pop up in “Get Lucky.” Additionally, Rolling Stone is reporting that if you were lucky enough to go to last weekend's Coachella performance or are an avid watcher of Saturday Night Live, you may have already sampled a little bit of the track—it was part of the promo for the new album airing at both events. Besides Pharrell, disco musician Nile Rodgers also played guitar on the track. Other collaborators not involved with the “Get Lucky” single include Panda Bear, Gonzales, and Giorgio Moroder.

Regardless, a teaser isn’t the same thing as taking in a song in full. According to MTV News, Daft Punk’s label, Columbia Records has announced “Get Lucky” will be available for fans to download at exactly 12:01 a.m. ET on April 19. Daft Punk has been fairly secretive about the new release, so keep your ears peeled over the next month, because anything funky could happen before Random Access Memories’ May release.

Jessica Rawden

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