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Do You Think Less Of Katharine McPhee After Her Kinda Cheating Scandal?

Thanks to her tenure on American Idol and her generally sunny disposition, Katharine McPhee has long had a pretty high approval rating. Even as her show Smash got worse and worse, no one blamed her so much as the writers who didn’t quite know what to do with the musical after the first extremely likeable chunk of episodes. Unfortunately, McPhee’s tenure as a well-liked, drama-less actress/ singer may have come to an end thanks to a pretty questionable dating decision.

Earlier this week, McPhee was photographed full on making out with Smash director Michael Morris. To casual fans of the two, that might seem incredibly cute, but to those who know the full story, it falls somewhere on the spectrum between icky and questionable. She’s currently estranged from but still married to Nick Cokas and Morris up until he was caught kissing McPhee, was with his longtime wife Mary McCormack, probably best known for playing Howard Stern’s wife in Private Parts.

According to The New York Post, he confessed the affair just prior to the pictures going public, and she promptly booted him out of the house. Rumor has it he’s still very excited about making it work with her and their three daughters, but at least for the time being, that relationship is in a pretty awful place, which has led more than a few people to refer to McPhee as a homewrecker.

Obviously, she’s far from the first woman to supposedly have an affair with a married man. That shit is par for the course in Hollywood, but given McPhee’s reputation, there are more than a few fans who are disappointed. What about you? Are you disappointed in her? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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