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Elton John could have taken the high road during an interview on Australian TV over the weekend. He could have even made a slightly catty comment and moved the conversation along, but since the topic was Madonna, the sixty-five-year-old just couldn’t help himself.

Weighing in on her most recent tour in which she’s flashed her boob, gotten booed and received threats over placing a swastika on the forehead of a French politician, John called the series of gigs a “disaster” that couldn’t have happened “to a bigger cunt”.

Ordinarily, that alone would be a rant for the ages, but John actually kept on trucking. Here’s a look at some more, courtesy of The Sun
“If Madonna had any common sense she would have made a record like Ray Of Light and stayed away from the dance stuff and just been a great pop singer and make great pop records, which she does brilliantly. But no, she had to go and prove... she looks like a fucking fairground stripper.”

Elton and Madonna have never really seen eye-to-eye, and the relationship has gotten worse in recent years thanks to the Material Girl’s feud with Lady Gaga. The latter is the godmother to Elton’s son, and in fact, it seems the vicious stream of words was actually a defense of Gaga since the “Tiny Dancer” singer concluded by saying Madonna has been “horrible” to his pop star buddy.

It seems unlikely Madonna will respond to this diatribe, but if she does, we’ll be sure to bring it your way.

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