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Fleetwood Mac Will Play North American Tour

The long awaited Fleetwood Mac reunion tour is now on the horizon. After hints of a potential reunion tour were mentioned by several members of the band, including Stevie Nicks, fans have been keeping their fingers crossed a tour would get announced in the near future. Today, Fleetwood Mac stated the band would be hitting the road fairly soon, embarking on a North American tour that will span more than thirty stops.

The lengthy tour will kick off in 2013 with a stop in Columbus, Ohio on April 4. The band will hop around the U.S. for the first part of the tour, before heading into Canada to play a few dates. While we still have a while to wait before we can catch the band in action, tickets will go on sale in time for the holidays, so if you are looking for a last minute gift and your spouse is a Fleetwood Mac fan, you’ll be able to purchase tickets starting on December 14.

It’s been nearly five months since Nicks hinted the band might be headed on the road, but Fleetwood Mac doesn’t seem to have the whole tour fully planned, yet. They’ll be meeting up on February 15 to practice some old favorites, and Rolling Stone is reporting Nicks met up with other band member Lindsey Buckingham to record two new tracks, which may pop up in performances at some point. If fan favorites and a few new tracks seem up your alley, you can go your own way over to Rolling Stone and check out the complete list of tour dates.

If you do live outside of North America and are a fan of the band, Fleetwood Mac also hopes to hit Europe over the summer.

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