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Fleetwood Mac has gone through many ups and downs through the years. My favorite reunion (and subsequent album) was The Dance, which featured the band members, including Christine McVie, that were playing in the Rumours heyday. Unfortunately, McVie is still permanently retired, but if you are a fan of the “Go Your Own Way” singers, you may be able to see most of them live very soon.

Fleetwood Mac frontwoman Stevie Nicks headed over to CBS This Morning on Wednesday to drop the news the band is planning a reunion sometime in 2013. The last time Fleetwood Mac hit the road was 2009, before band member Bob Welch committed suicide after spending countless days suffering major health problems. Despite missing a few band members, Nicks says Fleetwood Mac is just ready to get back on the road again, at least after she and other singer Lindsey Buckingham finish up doing their own things.
"Next year, so far. It's the plan. Because that's what we do. I do my thing. And Lindsey is out doing his thing right now."

It will be a while before the band meets up to practice, due to Buckingham’s solo tour going for another few months. In the meantime, the full CBS This Morning interview is pretty interesting, with Nicks addressing Welch’s suicide as well as some of the early days of the band. You can check it out over at CBS News.

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