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Last week, scores of celebrities paid to attend George Clooney’s fundraiser for President Obama. The event reportedly raised more than ten million dollars for the democrat’s reelection campaign, which is why some celebrating was in order as soon as the plates were cleared. Rather than hitting the town or knocking back a few cold ones, Clooney and Obama decided to play a little pickup basketball.

According to US Weekly, Clooney’s girlfriend Stacy Keibler was initially hesitant because she didn’t want to root against her man or the President of the United States, but luckily, the two wound up playing for the same team, wiping out any internal tension the former WWE diva might have had.

President Obama might suck complete ass at bowling, but he’s actually pretty good at hoops. He routinely uses the game as his mode of exercise, and I’m sure it was a nice feeling for him to know, with so many celebrities playing too, he wasn’t being constantly eyeballed by everyone. Cutting backdoor to the basket is a little easier when your defender isn’t staring at you the entire time.

With Mitt Romney all but guaranteed to be Obama’s opponent later this year, the President will have to have his serious face on most of the time. Basketball could well prove to be his best mental outlet, and if he can raise ten figures before taking the court, all the better.

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