George RR Martin Wants To Write You Into Game Of Thrones, Kill You Off

There is no show on television that seems to have more fun torturing and murdering its own characters than Game Of Thrones. From castrations to kidnappings, there is almost always at least one horrifying plotline unfolding at any given moment. Such carnage would likely drive other fanbases insane, but Game Of Thrones people love it, and if you ever needed any evidence of that, I now present you with the top donation level for George RR Martin’s new fundraising campaign: the right to be murdered.

A passionate advocate both for wolves and for hunger, Martin took to Prizeo today to ask Game Of Thrones fans to help out his adopted Santa Fe, New Mexico community by giving money to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and to the local Food Depot. For regular folks looking to help out, he’s offering an army of thank yous including t-shirts, signed memorabilia and even real personalized thank you notes. For those looking to have a bigger impact, however, there are a number of higher level prizes, topping off at $20,000.

For that fat stack of hundreds, George RR Martin will name a future Game Of Thrones character after you, allow you to choose their station in life (lordling, whore, etc) and murder him or her off in a particularly grisly way. Oh the humanity and also, the awesomeness of being brutalized by George RR Martin and his old computer that still runs dos.

For those who don’t have that kind of disposable income just sitting in the bank, there is one more path to glory, however. One random person who donates, at any level, will be randomly chosen to fly, alongside a friend, to New Mexico to have dinner with George RR Martin, tour the wolf sanctuary and ask him any Game Of Thrones-related questions they can think of. I can’t imagine he’ll answer any that haven’t been revealed yet, but knowing his sense of humor, he’ll probably be willing to talk about wieners.

You can watch Martin hype the prize below…

Because of its subject matter and the crazy amount of money it costs to film, Game Of Thrones was considered a big risk at the time it was first given the thumbs up, but in the years since, it has quickly evolved into HBO’s most popular show ever. Perhaps more importantly, the fandom is every bit as obsessive as it is for smaller, more niche programs. The viewers are engaged and very much obsessed, which is why whoever wins will more than likely have a notebook full of questions for George RR Martin.

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