Kate Middleton was seen with some dogs in tow at her parents’ estate in Bucklebury around the New Year. At the time, people speculated she and husband Prince William might have bought themselves a pup of their own. Of course, she could have simply been dog sitting, but now Pop Blend is happy to confirm the royal couple has purchased their own little bundle of fluff.

The two dogs following Middleton around the turn of the year included a short little black pup and a bigger, golden retriever. So, what kind of dog did the couple choose? A too cute and too tiny black cocker spaniel, of course. Though we don’t yet know the name of the little tyke, E! Online is reporting Prince William bought the dog for Middleton as a Christmas gift. The puppy was purchased through a connection with the family and is just a couple of months old.

Buying Middleton a dog i a cute gift, but also a step forward in responsibility. In order to be a good pet owner, you must be reliable for your dog, you must be able to teach the dog how to behave, and you must be physically responsible for the pet in all situations. What does that sound like good practice for? If William and Kate really nail this pet ownership thing and British Royal fans are particularly lucky, there could be a much more exciting gift to announce next Christmas. Fingers crossed it won't have his hairline.

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