Jennifer Aniston was going to end up with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at some point. As the most famous cast member of Friends and the star of plenty of hit movies, she’s done more than enough to qualify, but as for why the exciting honor was scheduled for this morning, well, she can probably thank a promotions guy somewhere for that. The actress’ new film Wanderlust is out in theaters this weekend; so, today’s ceremony was a perfect way to hype the movie and celebrate its leading lady.

According to E! News, Aniston’s Wanderlust co-stars Malin Akerman and Kathryn Hahn joined her boyfriend Justin Theroux in personally congratulating the starlet, but it was comedian Adam Sandler who really stole the show. In a cheeky, good-natured address to the crowd, he cited the Rachel haircut and being in Leprechaun as the benchmarks of her career, standing side-by-side with her new Walk of Fame star.

For the last decade and a half, Aniston has been a tabloid staple thanks to her high profile relationships, but even with the excessive media attention, she’s never become more famous for her personal life. That’s actually an impressive feat, and in a town as famous for its rumors as its output, the balance she’s struck is quite impressive. I have high hopes for Wanderlust, but regardless of how it turns out, Aniston should be churning out movies to the delight of her fans for a long time.

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