I’ve known some wild twentysomethings who have gotten pregnant and turned into some of the tamest, lamest women on earth, which makes them lovely, unselfish mothers. Even though it is rather an unlikely fix, sometimes a baby is just what a women needs to change her attitude and daily routine, although I am not advocating mommydom as a decision to be taken lightly. Such seems to be the case for hard- partying Nicole Polizzi, whose recent pregnancy announcement has garnered quite a bit of chitter chatter, a lot of which has been positive.

Now, fellow Jersey Shore cast member Ronnie Margero has spoken to E! Online to discuss his friend Snooki and how she has turned a brand new corner in her life.
“She’s doing really good. She’s not drinking. She’s got her act together and I’m really happy for her.”

Ronnie recently went to visit the reality actress and says she has been doing really well, keeping an eye on what she has been eating and generally taking care of herself. The GTL afficionado isn't overly worried about her outlook either.
“The fact that she likes to have a good time has nothing to do with what kind of parent she’s going to be. It’s her life and whatever’s going to make her happy at the end of the day, she has to realize that that’s what she has to do.”

It’s nice to see a Jersey Shore cast member stand up for Snooki, who seems well on her way to getting her act together. Which is great for her, as well as her upcoming kid. I’m just happy this wasn’t a conversation with Ronnie about a Sammi Sweetheart pregnancy. I think we can all handle one Jersey Shore cast pregnancy, but two?

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