Jim Carrey's Healthy Diet Keeps Him Young

Jim Carrey credits his healthy diet for helping him stay young. The energetic 46 year old insists his childlike attitude keeps him feel young and his "veggies and protein" diet keeps him healthy and looking younger.

He says, "No wheat, no dairy for me. I go crazy once in a while and have a pizza... but I do believe that the best fuel for humans are (sic) veggies and protein. It makes you feel great."

And he claims his new diet and regular trips to an acupuncturist have helped him deal with bouts of depression.

Carrey adds, "I tried dealing with it by taking (antidepressant) Prozac. It was good for a little bit, but it didn't heal me. It didn't get me to the bottom of my anger or frustration."

Now off his medication, Carrey states, "It's important to feel our feelings, and let things out to get to the bottom of things. It's OK to say to your kid, `Daddy is going to cry now.' I take supplements. There are new (anti-depression) treatments not being offered to people."

"I am taking hydroxytryptophan and tyrosin - elements of the brain that are supposed to be there, but are short in a lot of people." (KL/TG)

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