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I actually don’t love it when celebrities retweet rude comments that are tweeted in their direction. I’ve seen it happen numerous times before. Maybe it’s their way of laughing it off and showing the tweeter that it doesn’t bother them. I get that and I'm all for having a good sense of humor, but if my Twitter feed starts filling up with rude comments about someone I like enough to follow, eventually, I’m probably going to unfollow the retweeter, even if it’s that celebrity. With that said, watching celebrities read mean tweets about them on Jimmy Kimmel Live is actually pretty funny.

Jimmy Kimmel Live featured a segment that had various celebs reading rude tweets about themselves, and in some cases, reacting to them. The video segment is fittingly set to R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts.” Check it out below.

While Will Ferrell scores points for reading his from a toilet, and Kristen Bell’s tears were a nice touch, I think Will Arnett’s confusion over being told he looks like Dracula is my favorite.

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