Judge Judy: I Have Better Things To Worry About Than Some Angry Lady's Dishes

Not every winnable battle is worth fighting. Sometimes the smartest thing a person can do is cede the right of way on issues that really aren’t important. As a sensible woman, Judge Judy understands that, and she proved it this morning by calmly backing away from a proposed lawsuit over fine china.

Some time ago, Judge Judy purchased the china in question from her longtime producer Randy Douthit for $50,000. Unfortunately, his soon-to-be ex-wife, Patric Jones, recently found out about said transaction and pitched a fit, claiming the flatware is worth $500,000. For a day or so, it seemed like the two women would wind up in court, but upon further review, Judge Judy has decided she has far better things to do than fight over some stupid china. Here’s what she told TMZ

"This very unpleasant lady doesn't give a hoot about dishes. She cares about pressuring her ex-husband and the way to do that is to attempt to embarrass me…. She and her attorney want a circus and I refuse to be a further participant in their drama."

A person with a little less income in the Judge’s position might ask for her $50,000 back, since she’s obviously entitled to it legally, but the television star would rather be extricated from this mess immediately, which seems like a pretty wise decision to me. Consequently, the china has already been boxed and shipped back to Douthit, who now says he'll fork it over to his wife when she forks over a check for $250,000.

Judge Judy might not be particularly litigious, but luckily for all the lawyers in the United States, there are plenty of other people with no qualms whatsoever about throwing verbal haymakers in court.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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