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If there was any question as to whether Lindsay Lohan screwed up when she traded heavyweight criminal lawyer Shawn Holley in for the cheaper Mark Heller, the evidence showed itself in court today when the judge in the actress’ lying to police case referred to her new attorney as “incompetent”. In fact, things went so bad this morning that Lohan is now required to either find a new attorney or formally waive her right to be represented by a competent, California accredited attorney.

According to TMZ, Heller has practiced law for decades in New York, but he’s a complete novice when it comes to the rules in California. Consequently, when he filed his brief to dismiss the case, he reportedly included a letter asking the judge for leniency and extolling the virtues of his client. That’s a big no-no in California. Attorneys are only supposed to make their cases when the opposing lawyers are present. Perhaps even worse, Heller also apparently asked the judge to dismiss the case because Lohan wasn’t read her Miranda Rights, but since she was never arrested, the cops were under no obligation to.

I’m sure Heller is a passable attorney in New York, but Lindsay is already behind the eight ball because of all her previous issues and the evidence against her. The last thing she needs is to have to overcome her own lawyer. She hasn’t spoken publically about this debacle, but if she does, we’ll let you know what she decides to do. Until then, do some research before hiring an attorney.