Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are probably getting married in Italy this weekend. Based on the travel plans of their friends, his recent bachelor party and save the date rumors that have been going around for awhile, most outlets are pretty confident the union will become official this weekend. As for anything else related to the ceremony, however, no one is in agreement. There are whispers the event will be a low key affair. There are whispers several hundred at minimum will show up. There are whispers it cost under a million and whispers it cost over six. Best of all, there’s even a theory that Timberlake will perform a choreographed dance to Biel’s favorite N’Sync song.

That latest rumor comes courtesy of The Sun, and given the actor/ dancer/ musician’s personality, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities. The story goes that he’s spent the best few months perfecting a tongue-in-cheek, over the top boy band tribute to the song “It’s Gonna Be Me”. The routine will allegedly include the ushers and best man and be performed sometime during the reception.

I want to believe he’s going to do this. I want to believe it’ll secretly be taped and wind up on YouTube, but I have no idea whether there’s any validity to it or not. What do you think? Will Timberlake actually dance to N Sync at the wedding? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Do You Think JT Will Dance To N Sync At The Wedding?

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