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Kaley Cuoco has her own bang theory: the actress has vowed to give up bangs for good. The Big Bang Theory star recently opted to cut some bangs for the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards, earning flack and ire from the critics concerning her look. Now, Cuoco says she will “never do that again!”

Cuoco has rocked sideswept bangs in the past, but nothing compares to the wispy, pointy bang look she rocked for this year’s SAG Awards. People got up close and personal with the star recently at the West Hollywood Soho House event, discussing the actress’ now-infamous look. Apparently, there is a very specific reason Cuoco rolled with the bangs that night.
“I had a black eye, so we were trying to hide it. Next time, if you’re going with a black eye or bangs, go with the black eye.”

While Cuoco definitely looks better overall without bangs, the star says she loved them, even if the critics didn’t, and she wouldn’t change her SAG 2013 experience at all. Plus, they really did hide any black eye the starlet was sporting.
“I know what I want, so even if everyone said ‘Bangs don’t look great,’ I loved them. I think that on the carpet, they read worse than they did at home. I just accepted it and made fun of myself and moved on.”

A point in her favor: we’ve definitely seen worse looks on celebrities like Miley Cyrus and even Helen Mirren before.

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