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The 100th episode is a big milestone for a TV show and it’s one that The Big Bang Theory has reached recently. Some details about the special episode, which will air next month, have emerged. Find out what’s in store for the characters and what “risks” will be taken.

Spoilers ahead!

The Hollywood Reporter posted photos of the 100th episode celebration for CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. The site also caught up with series co-creator Bill Prady and others involved iwth the show to talk about the episode, which is set to air on January 19th. For those of you who love Penny and Leonard’s story, it sounds like you’re in for a treat. The episode titled “The Recombination Hypothesis,” will “explore Leonard and Penny’s past, present and future." Co-creator Chuck Lorre describes the ep as “a little risky.”

Lorre notes the relationship of the two characters and the “sweetness to it,” while executive producer Steve Molaro adds, “We’ll be exploring Leonard and Penny’s relationship and where they’ve been and the possibilities of where they can go in the future.”

Playing with flashbacks and possibly even flash-forwards certainly sounds like a fun way to explore the two characters and their relationship. But will fans appreciate it? Kaley Cuoco says “It’s kind of a brain-teaser,” and goes on to hint at the ending, stating, “you don’t know what’s going on until then end. The end comes and then you realize it all makes sense.”

You can read more teasing hints about the episode from the cast and crew here.

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