Kate Beckinsale Did Not Demand A Body Double, But She'll Have One

There’s been a rumor going around that Kate Beckinsale is too shy to run around naked in her new movie. The celeb gossip sites have been pushing around the notion that she’s demanded a body double for Whiteout, an Antarctic murder mystery in which she plays a U.S. Marshall.

You wouldn’t think there’d be much opportunity for nudity with a movie set in Antarctica, it’s not exactly bikini weather down there after all, but word is that there’s a shower scene in which her character is supposed to flash her naked butt cheeks in front of the camera.

Well Warner Brothers Pictures wants you to know that there’s absolutely no truth to the rumors, and that Kate doesn’t care if you see her ass. That dosen’t however, mean you’ll see it. Here’s the official statement sent to us by the WB earlier today, which only makes the whole thing more confusing:

‘The claims appearing on the internet today that Kate Beckinsale requested a body double for filming on Whiteout are absolutely untrue. As is standard practice on many movies a body double was hired for several scenes by the production and not at the request of Kate Beckinsale. Whiteout producer Susan Downey confirmed that “Kate Beckinsale made no request for a body double for this production.”’

So the rumors no one has been paying any attention to are absolutely untrue, even though the end result is basically the same: You won’t be seeing Kate Beckinsale naked any time soon. The world is a sadder place for it.