With Madonna confirmed as the halftime performer for this year's Super Bowl, the NFL has decided to add even more girl power to the most dude-tastic television event of the year. According to The AP, Kelly Clarkson has been drafted to sing the National Anthem before the event, which airs February 5 on NBC.

Clarkson will have the challenge of besting last year's anthem singer Christina Aguilera, but it shouldn't be too difficult-- Aguilera memorably botched the lyrics before the 2011 matchup between the Steelers and the Packers, eventually forced to apologize and reiterate her love for America. As it turns out, Aguilera will also be the only anthem singer in the last five years who isn't an AMerican Idol veteran-- beginning in 2008, when recently crowned Idol winner Jordin Sparks performed, the Anthem has been sung by a series of Idol vets, including Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood and now Clarkson. If you think that's embarrassing, just remember other performers have been the Backstreet Boys, Kathie Lee Gifford, and even Anita Bryant, the orange juice spokes model who became famous recently in Milk for being an anti-gay bigot. Kelly Clarkson's outspoken advocacy of beauty at any size seems very, very tame by comparison.

We'll be watching the Super Bowl primarily for the commercials and the movie trailers, but it will be nice to see Clarkson kick things off-- with another hit album and an appearance in the Camry commercial that's constantly on my TV, Clarkson is back on top of the world all over again. She should do our country plenty proud.

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