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Lady Gaga might not have a good enough playoff beard to be on the Los Angeles Kings, but she’s proven she’s willing to play through injuries. The pop star was performing in Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday when one of her backup dancers accidentally smacked her on the head with a giant pole during a rendition of “Judas”. Gaga briefly grabbed her head without losing her place in the song and later told the crowd she’d suffered a concussion. Luckily for fans, she reportedly churned out more than a dozen songs after the mishap.

Earlier today, Gaga took to Twitter to give the little monsters an update, and in short, the photo evidence looks painful. You can take a look at her bruise below…

Gaga also thanked fans for the “thoughtful messages” and admitted she feels a bit “woozy”. Thankfully, nothing about her condition should prevent her from performing the rest of her tour dates, though it should add plenty of leg work to her makeup artist’s job. Here’s to hoping she nets a little something extra for the additional minutes it will take her to cover up that mess on her cheek.

The singer is scheduled to perform in Brisbane this week and Sydney next week. A raucous crowd is expected at all the shows, and Gaga willing, those eager fans won’t see any ill-effects from her pole smack.

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